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We get you the best TM1 people, 24/7. Onshore, offshore, every shore. Further we make no distinction between support and development. Under an Octane plan, support and projects are one. Order you a pizza or ticket a cube to be built. It is the same price.

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Octane Blue A$US$GBP£ / mnth

40 hours support

Info_Icon_2 when you first join Octane, you will asked how many hours you need

<1 hours response

Info_Icon_2 priority tickets

24/7 cover

Info_Icon_2 we cover all time zones

rolling hours

Info_Icon_2 unuse hours are rolled forward to the next month


Info_Icon_2 a monthly report designed to help reduce the number of tickets

Octane Red A$US$GBP£ / mnth

15 hours support

4-hour response

24/7 cover

rolling hours


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