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What is QUBEdocs?


QUBEdocs is a software intelligence that takes the errors out of your analysis and the guesswork out of planning. Planning Analytics is powerful. It has the power to address your business needs directly and inform your decision making.

On their own, it can be challenging to extract this vital information from them. And for models to be effective, they must be accurate and updated. They must reflect the whole truth from complete, error-free data. QUBEdocs was built to do all of this. Instantly.

QUBEdocs builds, manages and supports TM1 Models automatically, which usually take a team of staff months. QUBEdocs makes enquiries and reporting simple and easy to understand. Taking care of your day-to-day documentation also makes performing health checks and troubleshooting critical issues a breeze.

Successful businesses use their resources intelligently. Saving your staff countless hours on monotonous tasks is what it's all about.

QUBEdocs revolutionises Planning Analytics (TM1)


Specifically built for business intelligence, QUBEdocs allows seamless integration with IBM Planning Analytics.

Fully automated documentation

QUBEdocs focuses on driving business value while documenting every single detail and eliminating errors.

Personalised reporting

QUBEdocs keeps track of all the layers of data that are important to you.

Compare models

Compare different versions of your model to gain complete visibility and pinpoint changes and potential vulnerabilities.


QUBEdocs up-to-date features and functionalities need no infrastructure to use and allow collaborative, remote working.

Data with context

Context is critical to data-driven decisions. Every result from QUBEdocs is supported by context, so you can understand before you act.

Model analysis

Analysing models can help you understand your objects or relationships in an in-depth and intuitive way.


Understand your server environment at a glance with key metrics tailored for different stakeholders in your business.

Visualise and analyse your planning models. Instantly.