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Revolutionizing Finance Operations: Halfbrick Studios' Journey with RPA

Halfbrick's RPA implementation saved time, enhanced efficiency, and paved the way for further process transformations, driving operational excellence and innovation.

How Tyro Payments used Blackline Reconciliation to conquer balance sheet recs

120 balance sheet reconciliations, stacks of spreadsheets and lots of email – month-end for Tyro Payments was a nightmare. That was until this fintech organisation adopted Blackline Reconciliation.

How the retailer King Living used TM1 to consolidate 15 different P+Ls

King Living, needed to consolidate financials from its showrooms across the globe. Each month the global retailer consolidated 15 different spreadsheets using Excel.

Reports which took the finance team weeks to complete, now takes five minutes using TM1.

How Macquarie made rolling forecasts a reality

Macquarie built an enterprise-wide platform for business planning, accelerating its financial processes and providing new capabilities such as monthly rolling forecasts and scenario modelling.

With spreadsheets it would have been almost impossible to attempt such a transformation. They accomplished it using TM1.

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