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Report TM1 data in Power BI like a pro

DataFusion is the ultimate TM1 and Power BI connector. DataFusion is for Power BI users who are tired using messy CSV files to manually reconcile data from TM1 to a reporting tool like Power BI.

Like Power BI, DataFusion is a low-code, user-friendly application. DataFusion requires no TM1 development.

Enjoy everything, unlimited

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Power BI, Qlik, Tableau

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A$INR₹ / annually

Power BI, Qlik, Tableau

unlimited users

unlimited data

unlimited links

unlimited servers

Info_Icon_2 dev, prod, wherever

How it works

Once you setup a free or paid version of DataFusion, users can begin connecting TM1 with Power BI. Rather than sync every dataset from TM1 with Power BI, users decide what is important and choose which datasets and metadata to sync using links generated in the DataFusion App.


What analytic applications can I integrate with TM1 using DataFusion?

Microsoft Power BI, Qlik and Tableau.

Do I need a separate server for DataFusion to be installed?

No. You can install DataFusion where you TM1 server is located. In fact, you can elect to store TM1 on any local server you choose.

What version of OS do I need to be running on the server?

DataFusion supports all versions of Windows Server.

Do I need to increase HDD and RAM on the TM1 server?

No. DataFusion is a lightweight app and occupies less than 100 Mb.

Does it work with TM1 cloud and on-premises?

Both. The features of DataFusion work 100% across all instances of TM1.

Does it work with other applications like Cognos framework manager?

No. DataFusion pulls data directly from TM1 only.

Do you store our data?

No. The beauty of DataFusion is it simply picks up and drops the data discretely from TM1 to Power BI in real-time.

Is this a SaaS product?

Yes. However, whether you are running a cloud or on-premise instance of TM1, you will need to host a small application on a local server of your choice before DataFusion will work properly.

Is there a free trial?

Yes. DataFusion is free for 60 days. If you decide to continue using DataFusion, you can switch to a paid subscription to avoid a DataFusion service outage.

How long does it take to setup a free or paid version?

It takes one hour to setup the free subscription. We will host an online meeting with you and assist you to install DataFusion on a local server. Switching to the paid version takes even less time. We simply ask you to replace old license file with the new one on the server and voila!

How does it work?

DataFusion helps to create or generate a link and a user can use this link to pull data from TM1 cubes to PowerBI. DataFusion does not keep a track of all the links it has generated.

Does data sync real-time and how often?

The sync is not real-time. Sync can be setup to occur at regular intervals from Power BI. Or alternatively the sync can be manually triggered from within Power BI.

How do I know the sync is working or not working?

When a user clicks the "Refresh" manually from within Power Bi, a pop-up message will display how many records are extracted from the TM1. For auto refresh there is no mechanism to tell the user that the refresh has completed successfully

Is support available in case DataFusion stops working?

Yes. Support will reply to you within one business day. Historically, once DataFusion is working on your server, your users will not need to ticket a single problem thereafter.


Support for free and paid subscriptions, 24x7. We reply to tickets within one business day. However, on most occasions you will receive replies in a few hours. 

Users can ticket problems via a secure dashboard or by sending them directly to support@octanesolutions.com.au. 


Double clicked the exe, and nothing happened for some time. Why?

It might take few seconds for the application to start. The reason for this is that the flask server does take a short while to get up and running and to initiate communication with PA / TM1. Please resist the temptation to continue to double click the application in the event it is not appearing.

My reports are taking so long to refresh. What can I do to speed this up?

All dashboard refreshes for your business become queued and based on the server and when multiple customers can be requesting refreshes on the same server, at the same time things might get a little slow.

Each dashboard component's source report must be run then calculated and transformed into the dashboard whenever you refresh it. The more complex your source reports are, the longer the overall dashboard will take to refresh. For best practices and troubleshooting contact our support team for assistance.

My reports are not refreshing. Why?

Couple of things to check here. Firstly, check PA / TM1 is up and running. If PA / TM1 is there and that you can log into it, ensure that the password you’ve used has not changed since the time you generated the link.

I’ve seen you’ve got a later version. How do I upgrade to the latest version?

The application is standalone so all you need to download or have access to the latest version on the machine form which you plan to run the application.

Once logged out of the server DataFusion stops working. What should be done to keep DataFusion active?

Sometimes DataFusion may be installed on a server and the link generated from the server is used on another client machine. In this situation logging out of the server forces DataFusion to stop executing in background processes.

To overcome this issue, instead of logging off from the server, simply close the RDP window. DataFusion will continue running in the background while the server is protected.

I’ve upgraded and none of the links are working?

With some versions of the application, you may need to regenerate all links. Alternatively, in the event that this will occur we make our customers aware of this.

I’m moved from Windows to Mac OS (or vice versa). Can I also use the DataFusion app on my new machine?

Yes, that’s not a problem. Our solution is portable between either of these operating systems. Contact support to receive the updated version.

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