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Ticket a pizza to be delivered or a cube to be built - we make no distinction between TM1 development and support. It's one price. We get you the best TM1 developers, 24/7. Onshore, offshore, every shore.



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Scale up or down

Buy more hours when it’s time to do annual budgeting and less hours when its quiet. Plus, you can switch between Red or Blue without penalty or having to sign a new contract.

Hours that are not used in the current month are automatically rolled over current month+1. Likewise, if the number of hours available are exceeded in the current month, the deficit hours are rolled over.

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How it works


Our TM1 developer is leaving us? Can you help?

Yes. If you have enough TM1 work to justify a full-time person, we will fill the position with a dedicated resource. However, if you are like many businesses, and cannot justify a full-time hire, Octane Red or Blue is the way to go.

TM1 developers do not enjoy split roles where they are expected to do admin or unrelated TM1 tasks. They only want to build cubes. So long term, keeping these people is difficult. It is unlikely there is a career path for them either.

Fractionalizing TM1 support and development with Octane Red or Blue will decrease your HR costs and give you access to the best TM1 people in the world.

We just setup TM1 in our organization? Can you help?

Yes. The day you go live with your new instance of TM1 is the day we can begin Octane Red or Blue together. TM1 will evolve and change. Business users and people from the finance office will need reports created and cubes enhanced from day one.

We have a TM1 developer in-house. Can you help?

Yes. Money never sleeps. That’s why Octane Blue or Red is 24/7. So, while your developer sleeps, support and development continue.

Another case for Octane Red or Blue is peak periods like budgeting and forecasting when you need an extra hand, or when you have a specially large cube you need built. Or vice versa. Perhaps TM1 developer is focused on a project, and you need someone to cover the support desk.

We are on TM1 Perspectives. Can you help us?

Yes. We can provide support and development for all versions of TM1 including Cloud and Perspectives.

We have a lot of bugs and recurring tickets each month. Can you help?

Yes. As part of your policy, you can opt-in for preventative maintenance. If unused hours are available, Octane will ticket suggestions to automate or solve a problem in TM1. Because we are not working with you on an ad hoc basis but under a subscription, we can take more responsibility to ensure the performance of TM1 and the experience of TM1 users improves over time.

We may also create internal recurring tickets which are tasked daily, weekly or monthly - designed to prevent end users from ticketing.

It is not uncommon to start with two units of Octane Blue and scale down to one unit after a few months of preventative maintenance.

We have months where we need a lot of support and other months where we never write a ticket. Do I have to pay every month?

You can scale up or down without signing a new contract, just by giving us seven days notice. Need more hours next month? You can buy one extra unit of Octane Blue or switch from Red to Blue. And don’t forget, you can roll forward unused hours for up to one month. See example table.

What is the minimum contract length?

The minimum contract length is three months for either Octane Red or Blue. Thereafter, you can cancel anytime by giving seven days notice without penalty.

What are the fees?

It depends on whether you choose Octane Red or Blue. 

How do we know Octane Red or Blue is right for us?

Our goal to reduce the number of issues ticketed each month and the amount of time spent on each ticket. Each month, you will receive a report measuring KPIs like these. The minimum contract time is three months, which is enough time for you to evaluate if Octane Red or Blue is right for you.

How do I get started?

Choose from Octane Red or Blue and sign our contract. Seven days from the day you sign the contract, we will switch on the service. We will setup a kick-off meeting where we agree on basic policies, setup the ticketing application and conduct a knowledge transfer.

How does the billing work?

We bill you each monthly. Payment is 30 days. Because support and development are included in one low price, there is only one bill. Your bill is unlikely to change from month to month. This is because you are entitled to roll forward unused hours for up to one month, your bills don’t bounce up and down.

The same applies if you need extra hours in the month of April. You simply begin with fewer hours in May. The bill does not change from month-to-month. See example table.

What happens if we start mid-month?

The fee will remain unchanged. Any unused hours will be rolled forward to the next month’s subscription.

What can I do to prepare in advance of the start day?

We will contact your IT department in advance to allow them time to provision access and satisfy their data security requirements. We have an entire pack we send them which explains how IBM and Octane protect your data.

We will also share a checklist and handover template so you can begin sharing knowledge.

Is there an onboarding process we need to follow?

No. We will advise you within seven days of signing the contract, the start date of Octane Red or Blue. The day we start, your finance and business users can commence ticketing. There is no onboarding.

Over the coming 60 days we improve as we learn more and build a knowledge base. Maintaining the knowledge base is our responsibility and we share it with you. That way we are able to manage continuity between your people and ours.

How can I grant you access to our TM1 server?

We only need a single admin license to access TM1 and carry out support and development. Once we speak to your IT department, we may identify other access we require.

What ticketing application will we use?

We will teach you how to use our ticketing system. Its free to use and part of your Octane Red or Blue subscription. If you already have a ticketing system you are familiar with and use, we can use your ticketing application instead.

Are there any limits around what we can ticket?

Not really. If you ticket a pizza to be delivered, we will order you one. We make no distinction between development and support.

That said, if you ticket a task that is estimated to take longer than 16 hours to complete, our people will advise you talk to Octane about a separate TM1 project. Octane Red or Blue is perfect for creating reports and cube enhancements.

However, for larger projects, it’s more cost effective to talk to us separately because you will get a project manager, a detailed estimate and a timeline.

It is your choice. If you want the project put through Octane Red or Blue, our people will gladly help you.

Who controls the priority of tickets?

You do. Most clients appoint a finance officer to be the board administrator. They set the priority on what’s gets done first.

What happens if you screw up a ticket and it takes longer to complete it than you should? Will we be charged?

No. We are human beings :) and sometimes make mistakes. In this case, we credit you the time lost to your next month’s subscription. There is no specific computation here. The credit is agreed to mutually by the two of us.

Are there any hidden costs?

Not really. Octane Red and Blue is designed to keep your monthly fee fixed at one low rate. However, if you regularly approach zero hours in the opening balance of hours you have each month, we will contact you and recommend you purchase an additional unit of Octane Red or Blue.

If you consume hours during a month where the opening balance is zero, you are charged at a rate of A$140 per hour.

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