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What is Robotic Process Automation?

RPA can help finance departments reduce costs, improve accuracy and efficiency, and free up valuable resources. This makes RPA an invaluable tool for finance departments looking to streamline their operations and maximize their efficiency.

Optimize business operation

You can start with us from as low as A$10,000

Create your own bot

Automate repetitive

manual processes that relied on third parties for resolution

Expanding efficiencies and increasing gains

Increase in process execution

increase in process execution efficiency without the need to hire staff to support the operations

Quicker data capture and processing

Info_Icon_2 Quicker data capture and processing, providing information faster to brokers and clients

Greater security and reliability

Info_Icon_2 Greater security and reliability by avoiding human error in the high volume of repetitive processes

Better management and control of processed information.

Bringing RPA in-house

Faster time to value

Faster time to value: speed and simplicity of purchasing and deploying through tighter integrations and easier licensing

Tailor the finance team’s need

Info_Icon_2 Tailor for our clients’ needs: owning our own RPA solution gives us control over the product

Automate business and IT processes

Info_Icon_2 Automate business and IT processes: expand our automation mission to IT by embedding RPA into IBM’s IT solutions. Current RPA vendors only focus on business use cases.

Operationalize AI

Info_Icon_2 Operationalize AI: fulfill IBM’s vision of operationalizing AI in every corner of the business

Think outside the “bots”

Intelligent business automation helps you achieve ROI faster. Book a free consulting session with an RPA expert

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