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Be in the cloud in 14 days

Get IBM Planning Analytics (TM1) and its associated applications Workspace and the Microsoft Excel interface on the cloud.

We perform a like-for-like migration of data from TM1 perspectives to TM1 cloud including integration of data sources and setting up licenses and user access. We include 4 hours of user training to ensure users can play and use TM1 properly.

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hours of TM1 inspired-projects



users supported globally



hours of TM1 inspired-projects

One flat fee to make it happen

like-for-like migration A$US$GBP£

unlimited cubes

tooltip-icon Does not include license fees, optimization, performance enhancements, debugging existing data reconciliation issues, model design, and adjustments to the security model

unlimited dimensions

unlimited hierarchies

five excel reports

tooltip-icon We will teach you how to migrate additional reports

up to 2 TM1 instances

Up to 3 environments

tooltip-icon for example, prod, dev and UAT

Why go TM1 cloud

☁️ Perspectives (on-premise)
frequent software releases software releases need to be managed
99.7% uptime
tooltip-icon During Octane’s 100 deployments of cloud, only one client encountered an outage of 2 hours
expect less uptime
During Octane’s parallel testing for customers, cloud outperformed on-premise.
higher performance
tooltip-icon During Octane’s parallel testing for customers, cloud outperformed on-premise
expect less performance
superior security security needs to be managed
IBM support support needs to be managed
IBM infrastructure infrastructure needs to be managed


How does the migration work?

Essentially, we migrate like-for-like what you have in TM1 Perspectives to the Cloud. That means porting everything - dimensions, cubes data, rules, hierarchies, attributes, exceptions, reports, and processes. We will establish essential data feeds and load data reconciliation.

How long does it take?

Fourteen days. Migrating you from TM1 Perspectives to TM1 Cloud is a relatively painless process we have performed many times. The key to meeting the 14-day timeline is to get commitment and server access from your IT department in advance of the start date.

How do I get started?

Sign our contract. As soon as the contract is signed, we will set a start date in fourteen days from the day you sign the contract. We will setup a kick-off meeting where we agree on particulars and discuss the timeline.

What can I do to prepare in advance of the start day?

We will ask you to answer a short questionnaire designed to give us a picture of your TM1 instance. Once we have the answers, we can confirm the migration fee advertised herein.

Remember, you do not need to provide us a requirements document. We plan to migrate TM1 like-for-like. If you would like enhancements made to cubes, we can perform these separately once the migration is complete.

What limitations should I know about this service?

There are some limitations you need to know. For example, the migration fee does not include TM1 cloud licenses. These we can procure for you separately.

Nor does it include optimization, performance enhancements, debugging existing data reconciliation issues, model design, and adjustments to the security model. To get the job done in under 14 days, we keep it like-for-like.

Conversion of five excel reports are included. If more are required, we will teach you how to migrate these reports yourselves. Or we can quote to carry out this work on your behalf during the migration.

Who will organize the new user licenses?

We will. We will seek the most competitive rate we can from IBM for your new licenses. As soon as you sign our contract, we will order the new licenses. The licenses are essential. We cannot commence the migration until the licenses are procured and IBM has made available an instance of TM1 in the cloud.

How do you migrate my Excel reports to the PAX platform?

TM1 converts reports accurately 80 percent of the time. After the migration is complete, we will test the reports and manually fix any parts of the report which did not convert. In addition, users will have an opportunity to test reports during user acceptance testing.

Is Perspectives available after migration has occurred?

Unfortunately, when we migrate you to the TM1 Cloud, you will not be able to run both TM1 Perspectives and PAX (the new platform). You must choose one or the other. We encourage all our customer to migrate to the cloud using PAX.

PAX has the benefits of Excel interface and more.

How do you protect my data?

We are serious about data security and protection. We will contact your IT department in advance to allow them time to provision access and satisfy their data security requirements. We have an entire pack we send them which explains how IBM and Octane protect your data.

Can you train us?

Yes. Included in the fee is a free four-hour training session on PAX. We teach your users the platform before commencing UAT to ensure the users thoroughly test the system. We will also teach you how to convert reports from Perspectives to TM1 Cloud.

When do you switch us from TM1 Perspectives to the Cloud?

During the user acceptance testing, we instruct the users to cease logging to TM1 Perspectives and ask them instead to access their data from the Cloud version.

In theory, the legacy version of Perspectives will continue to work, assuming your licenses are current, and the servers are running.

Can you support us once we go live?

Yes. The day you go live with your new instance of TM1 is the day we can begin Octane Red or Blue together. TM1 will evolve and change. Business users and people from the finance office will need reports created and cubes enhanced from day one.

Technical FAQs

Will my DBRW and DBSW remain functional post migration? Or will these formulae be broken?

These links will not be broken. They are part of the core porting process we carry out for you.

Is the TM1 Cloud data export accessible by downstream applications like PowerBI after the migration?

The downstream application cannot access TM1 Cloud directly. However, alternative solutions are available to access the data.

Is it possible to configure single sign-on (SSO) for TM1 Cloud?

Yes. It is possible to configure SSO / federation with TM1 Cloud. IBM support team can configure SSO. Separate policies and terms need to be agreed upon with IBM before the SSO can be set up.

Our TM1 Perspectives has Cognos BI or Cognos Analytics security. Can this security be ported to TM1 Cloud as part of the migration?

Yes. However, you will need to purchase Cognos Analytics licenses. Otherwise, security can be pushed to TM1. In both cases, additional time would be required to configure security.

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