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Build a real budgeting and forecasting cube. Learn how to write TI code. Understand rules and feeders and how to optimize them. Design and architect a model. Enter with basic knowledge and leave as a TM1 developer.

Your instructor is Sameer Syed - an undisputed authority on TM1. Some of the best TM1 developers in the world have been trained by Sameer. He is a Certified TM1 Developer with 10 years commercial experience deploying TM1 and five years training TM1 users and developers.

one flat rate per day

  • single day
  • five-day

Single day training A$US$GBP£ / day

One day of training

max. three people can attend

full money-back guarantee

live demos

attendee exercises

free user manuals


Five-day training A$US$GBP£

five-day training

max. three people can attend

full money-back guarantee

live demos

attendee exercises

free user manuals

How it works

Day 1 Introduction and creating tm1 objects
Introduction to tm1• your role as a developer • advantages of tm1 over its competitors • terminology used in tm1 • front end • dimension • attribute • cube • file locations the extensions
Day 2 Turbo integrator (ti) process
data source • variables • maps • advanced parameters, prolog, metadata, data, epilog • schedule
Day 3 (continuation) Turbo integrator (ti) process
set data source • data manipulation • create subset (static/dynamic) • view zero out • if else end if • item skip • record count • exception • one cube to another cube • execute another process
Day 4 TM1 rules
overview of rules • creating rules • file extensions • memory utilization • components of a calculation area • conventions when writing an area definition • using subsets in area definition • general considerations • precedence of rule statements • order of calculation • comparison operators • arithmetic operators • logical operators • four different scenarios of rules • functions
Day 5 TM1 admin activities
overview of TM1 services • folder structure • overview of TM1 config parameters • overview of different log files • debugging ti • adding / deleting users and groups • assigning users to groups • how to monitor users • how to disconnect users • broadcast messages to users • commit data to disk and how to automate this step • backup and recovery of TM1 data folder • shutdown and restart TM1 instances • TM1 security • drill process


What do I need to do before the training starts?

To get the most from TM1 developer training, you will need to synchronize the development box and live box containing an instance of TM1 before the TM1 developer training can commence. Thereafter, you need to provide us read-only access to perform the training. If you do not have access to a training environment, please let us know at the time of booking and we will provide a training environment.

How many can attend?

Each session can host a maximum of three attendees. You will need to provide the company with the names, email addresses, and mobile phone numbers of each attendee.

Who will deliver the training?

We will assign one or more competent person to deliver TM1 Developer Training. Trainers are Certified TM1 developers with a minimum of 10 years commercial experience deploying IBM Cognos TM1 and five years training TM1 developers.

What days and times can we have the training delivered?

Meetings and training sessions are conducted online from Monday to Friday 9am to 5pm Australian Eastern Standard Time (AEST). No additional work or preparation is required from attendees outside of these times.

Special allowances are made for sessions delivered in time zones outside of Asia Pacific. TM1 developer training can be provided onsite. Additional costs for hotel accommodation and transfer apply.

On what version of PAW and PAX will be demonstrated?

Training will be conducted in the version of IBM Planning Analytics in the client environment. If using Octane environment, then it would be conducted on the version installed on our training server (expect it to be the latest version available at the time)

Will you be providing any training manuals?

Yes. Every attendee will receive soft copy note after the classes are completed.

Do I need to have PAX installed on my machine?

Yes, if you have PAX on your machine then we will provide the URL to connect to our demo instance. If you don’t have PAX on your machine then we will provide the install files and someone from your IT team can install them for you.

What are the pre-requisites to joining these courses?

A basic knowledge of TM1 cubes.

Can I cancel my booked training time?

Once you make a booking you cannot cancel. However, you can transfer your booking to another person or move your booking to another date if one is available. Contact media@octanesolutions.com.au

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